March 23, 2014 with Mark Fishkin and ELAC

Joining Brian and Mark this week are Mark Fishkin from the “SeeingRedNY” podcast and ELAC from the “What the Flock?!” podcast.

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1. LA Aztecs or LA Gunners?
2. Clint Dempsey was suspended 2 games: good call, bad call or HOW DARE MLS?
3. MLS is out of the Champion’s League, yeah or meh?
4. If MLS had an “Easy button”, a la Staples, what’s the one thing you would change about MLS?
5. Name your intro song
6. NY now has a red team and a blue team, just like Manchester. Using that, Henry equates to ___in Manchester lore?
7. Inter MF Cambiasso is rumored to move to MLS: which teams signs him, which team needs him?
8. Seattle supporter’s “Away Robbery”, noble cause or simply whining?
9. Chivas USA wins ___ games this year, makes playoffs?
10. RBNY wins ___ games this year, makes playoffs?