April 27, 2014 with Jason Longshore

Brian, Mark and Chris have Jason Longshore on this week. Jason is Chief Development Officer of Soccer in the Streets and we encourage you all to check that organization out and help how you can. Check out their annual Black Tie Soccer Game.

Join us using #ChichaPlease

1. Set pieces or run of play?
2. True or False: As Brad Davis goes, so goes the Houston Dynamo
3. Caleb Porter, Frank Yallop and Frank Kloppas walk into a bar, which one survives the World Cup break?
4. Dominic Oduro has a pizza inspired haircut. Give me another MLS player and his object in spired haircut.
5. Bradley Wright-Phillips will score ____ goals.
6. DC and New England have 11 points, Toronto FC has 9 and LA has 8. Who makes the playoffs?
7. The Atlanta Silverbacks will ______ in 2017?
8. Your thoughts on Eric Young as TNA Champion
9. The World Cup will hurt _____, and help _____
10. Chicharito will be Miami’s DP: true, false, or Chicha please?