May 18, 2014 with Jeff Krause

Brian, Mark and Chris are joined once again by Jeff Krause from the Fire Confidential Podcast

Play along with #vddonovan

1. Over the last 3 weeks, New England has scored 12 goals (5 in the last 2 games) and is undefeated in it’s last 5. With no Hank this week, let’s say something nice about the Revs.
2. True or False: Vancouver is responsible for New England’s current success?
3. With the 1st allocation spot, Toronto FC should _______.
4. Toronto FC and LA both have 3 games in hand; watch out or so what?
5. Find Mark a new “sh!t the bed” phrase as he has worn out the original.
6. Colorado finally has a shirt sponsor and it’s not Chipotle. 🙁
7. SweetTarts or Spree?
8. MLS is hinting they will expand into Las Vegas. Give me their team name and shirt sponsor.
9. True or False: Dafoe and Martins being left of their International squad rosters is bad new for MLS?
10. Which USMNT player gets left off the World Cup squad and comes back to make MLS pay?