May 24, 2014 with Jared DuBois

Brian, Mark and Chris are joined by Jared DuBois from Best Soccer Show and The Corner of the Galaxy Podcast.

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1. Last week Mark called Landon Donovan getting cut from the USMNT. Can we do it again this week? Somebody make a bold prediction.
2. Donovan’s 2 goals yesterday were his first of the year. How many does he finish with?
3. Jermain Dafoe scores ____ goals during the World Cup break.
4. Hey, remember the public outcry when Carlos Bocanegra got cut?
5. Jose Gonçalves shut down Eddie Johnson this week. How impressive is that feat?
6. DC United is finally getting a new stadium. Give me your wish list for features you would like to see in it.
7. Mike Petke or John Hackworth fired first?
8. Before the show, Jarod revealed he has never seen the movie “Spinal Tap”, give him a reason or two to see it.
9. Colorado Rapids: wow or wait?
10. Clint Dempsey has commercial endorsement deals for Modelo, Oberto Beef Jerky, and Degree Antiperspirant, which sounds like the result of a bad night of drinking. Give me a USMNT player and their endorsements.