April 12, 2020

Brian, Mark and Chris are joined by old friend Dean Southby from Manchester, England, to discuss what’s happened since 2017.

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1. Since 2017, Toronto beat Seattle (2017), Atlanta beat Portland (2018), and Seattle beat Toronto (2019), which one was most impressive?
2. Which one was most surprising?
3. Since out last show we’ve seen Zlatan, Vela, Rooney and Josef Martinez. Which DP signing has been the biggest splash?
4. Which signing was the biggest impact player?
5. Who is the next big signing and for which team?
6. Since 2017, Cincinnati, Atlanta, Miami and Nashville has begun play with Austin, Charlotte, Sacramento and St. Louis still to come. How will play and the talent pool be effected?
7. When MLS returns I can’t wait to see __________
8. Since our last show, panel update us on what has happened to you?