May 2, 2021

Brian, Mark, Hank and Chris are back with more NWSL and week 3 of MLS. Join the discussion using #TheCatLeft?

“Ladies First” wrap up and Challenge Cup final preview. Mark almost changes his team.

1. Nashville leads the league in shots and shots on goal, but does it matter since they are still winless?
2. Chicharito scores tonight, over/under is 2
3. Cade Cowell is Rookie of the Year, book it. True or false?
4. Minnesota lost at home to Austin FC, Adrian Heath needs to do what to write the ship or is the writing on the (wonder)wall?
5. New England leads the Eastern Conference, hurry and cup on Hank’s dreams while you can.
6. Portland rested it’s starters vs FC Dallas last night and lost 4-1. Is it worth it for a CCL spot tied 1-1 going to the Azteca?
7. Which team is scarier San Jose or Real Salt Lake?
8. Cincinnati lost again. Their goal differential is -8. No question here, just pointing that out. 🙂

There are 2 bonus questions, thanks to Chris.