Sarah’s Interview w/ Sporting KC’s Ryan Smith

On Wednesday 11th May 2011 I had the pleasure of interviewing Sporting Kansas Citys’ Ryan Smith.

Ryan was the most well-mannered, polite down to the earth guy you could wish to meet. Very soft spoken, with a good sense of humor, he makes me think twice about lads from London 🙂

Here’s the transcript from the interview:

Sarah: Ryan, Thank you for your time today, I really appreciate it. Tell me your story on how you ended up in Kansas City.

Ryan: Well, I was playing at Palace (Crystal) and I got a phone call from my agent saying Peter (Vermes) was interested in bringing me over here. It just progressed each day, the talks.

Sarah: So when you arrived in Kansas City what where your initial thoughts?

Ryan: Well, Coming from London, as you’ll know, there’s a lot of hustle and bustle…

Sarah: A bit like Hull then…

Ryan: (Laughs) Yerh! But coming here is a real culture shock, but it’s nice though.

Sarah: Yes I’ve noticed just in my week from Dallas, everything is a slower pace; people are more chilled out and relaxed. What other difference have you experienced?

Ryan: The people here are much friendlier than back home, they say hello even if they don’t know you… the weather, it’s much warmer here, sometimes it gets too hot though! Overall, the people are just generally nicer.

Sarah: So have you managed to visit anywhere else in the US?

Ryan: Yes I have, I visited a few places, spent some time in Dallas and my dad is actually from New Jersey.

Sarah: So where has been your favorite place so far?

Ryan: I like it here, I really do, but New Jersey is fun, there’s so much to do with New York so close.

Sarah: I know, I just moved to Kansas City last week and I’m wondering what is there to do?!

Ryan: There’s a lot, but you can’t really find it on your own, it’s best to ask the locals.

Sarah: So you’ve travelled to many places, played many different places, who’s the BEST player you’ve ever played AGAINST?

Ryan: Against? …..Wow…. (Long pause)

Sarah: Did I put you on the spot there? Well, I watched you play against Manchester United last year; you had a great game, any of those players maybe?

Ryan: I not going to say best player because of what they have done or achieved, I’m going to go best player by the best on the day they played, I’m going to say Juninho at Middleborough.

Sarah: Really? He’s a little guy isn’t he? How tall is he?

Ryan: About: 5’6. He just has really quick feet, clever, intelligent, ya, I’ll say him.

Sarah: Ok who is the BEST player you’ve played WITH?

Ryan: Wow… got to be Thierry Henry. Or Dennis Bergkamp, or Veira. I can’t pick one in particular. But has to be those three.

Sarah: So you were pretty young when you played with those guys, where you intimidated at all?

Ryan: No. For me, Football is Football. I don’t think about who I’m playing with or against, I just play. I don’t get to deep into thought about it, as it may take over your thoughts of control or affect certain situations, I just play.

Sarah: So your Dad is from New Jersey… You have represented England, U 16, 17, 18, 19 and 20s.  When it comes the time to get your full international cap, you have the choice to represent England or the US. That’s tough! Where do your loyalties lie?

Ryan: England. But right now, I realize that is not a possibility. Other than David Beckham who has played at the top level in Europe, it’s tough for an English player in the MLS to get recognized. But who knows, if I leave here one day, and join a top European I may get a chance. OR, could get the call up from the US first. Who knows? (Laughs)

Sarah: Because you did get a call from Bob Bradley recently! But you were injured….that’s so difficult to choose when your Mum’s English and your Dad’s American.

Ryan: Yerh It is. My parents are not together now, but Football is a bigger deal to my Mum. My Dad is more into basketball and other sports.

Sarah: So you’d hurt your mum’s feelings more?

Ryan: Well, that would depend on the decision! (Laughs) We will see when the time comes I guess.

Sarah: My dad was really into sports, and played professional Rugby growing up, he was my biggest influence on me playing Football, who where your influences growing up?

Ryan: Well, when I was growing up, all you did was play football, it was by any means necessary, you just played Football. It isn’t like today where they have Xboxes’ and stuff like that.

Sarah: Did you play for your school team?

Ryan: I played for my school team, my brothers school team , who was 2 years older than me, my district, my county, I  couldn’t get enough of it. I pretty much played for every team I dreamed about playing for when I was younger. But you know, the story hasn’t ended yet!

Sarah: Nice! So your team growing up? Arsenal?

Ryan: Yerh, Arsenal from birth.


Ryan: Better than Hull! (Laughs)

Sarah: I know, I have no comeback (laughs) Ok, well we are close to the end of the interview, but I want to ask you some quick fire round questions, one word answers, for a bit of fun. It’s going to be on video… don’t worry you look great… (Laughs) You ready?


A huge thank you to Ryan for his time,you guys can follow Ryan on Twitter: @Ryan_Smith11.

Thanks for reading guys!

Take care! Hugs, Sarah xox

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