May 11, 2021

Brian, Mark, Hank and Chris and joined by one of their three fans, Tyler Doyle, to discuss the NWSL Challenge Cup, awfulness in Ohio and Selena. Join us using #Matchbox475

“Ladies First” wraps up the Challenge Cup

1. The LA Galaxy won “El Traffic” and Chicharito scored again. Galaxy will win MLS Cup, true of false?
2. Columbus has rebranded and dropped “The Crew”. Rate this from current Chicago Fire to New England Revs.
3, Sticking with awfulness in Ohio, FC Cincinnati signed Geoff Cameron. Does anyone care?
4. Does Adrian Heath get fired this week?
5. Chris Wondolowski scored vs Real Salt lake this week. He plays until +/- 48.
6. Pick your game of the week.

May 2, 2021

Brian, Mark, Hank and Chris are back with more NWSL and week 3 of MLS. Join the discussion using #TheCatLeft?

“Ladies First” wrap up and Challenge Cup final preview. Mark almost changes his team.

1. Nashville leads the league in shots and shots on goal, but does it matter since they are still winless?
2. Chicharito scores tonight, over/under is 2
3. Cade Cowell is Rookie of the Year, book it. True or false?
4. Minnesota lost at home to Austin FC, Adrian Heath needs to do what to write the ship or is the writing on the (wonder)wall?
5. New England leads the Eastern Conference, hurry and cup on Hank’s dreams while you can.
6. Portland rested it’s starters vs FC Dallas last night and lost 4-1. Is it worth it for a CCL spot tied 1-1 going to the Azteca?
7. Which team is scarier San Jose or Real Salt Lake?
8. Cincinnati lost again. Their goal differential is -8. No question here, just pointing that out. đŸ™‚

There are 2 bonus questions, thanks to Chris.

April 26, 2021

Brian, Mark and Hank are joined by friend of the pod Kenny Price to debut the “Ladies First” NWSL segment and talk MLS week 2. Join the conversation using #MyThumbCharlie

Our new segment, “Ladies First”, is a weekly wrap-up from each panelist for their selected NWSL team. Except for Brian, he has already changed his team pick.

1. FC Cincinnati lost 5-0 to NYCFC, all on set pieces. They gave up 2 set piece goals to Nashville in week1 and have been outshot a combined 54-19. Anybody want to rethink their 8 goal prediction for FCC as a TEAM?
2. Orlando looks just average. Do they sell Darryl Dike?
3. Feathers were ruffled in Minnesota after Real Salt Lake’s David Ovhoa kick the ball in the Minnesota Supporter’s section after his team’s 2-1 win. Minnesota called him a clown, what do we call him?
4. Chicharito finishes:
A. Golden Boot winner
C. Neither
D. Both
5. Anybody want to change any of their week 1 predictions?

April 18, 2021

Brian, Mark, Hank and Chris re joined by former Mexican Women’s National Team defender, Christina Murillo to help the guys pick a NWSL team to follow. Join the discussion using #fatkidsize?

1. Austin FC lost the debut match at LAFC, but they will finish with a winning record, trie of false?
2. Montreal blew the doors off Toronto, they finish top 3 in the East, true of false?
3. Cincinnati’s big off-season moves produced 2 goals against a very tough Nashville defense. Does Cincy have anyone that finishes the season with 8+ goals?
4. FC Dallas has established their academy as the US gold standard, but had no Homegrowns in their starting 11 this week. Trend or no?
5. Has Phil Neville been fired yet?

April 11, 2021

We’re back! Brian, Mark, Hank and Jake discuss the NWSL, 2021 season predictions and you can play along with #EvanReamsSAC!

1. Most noteworthy off-season move
2. Surprise player of the year
3. Surprise team of the year
4. First coach fired
5. Who wins more at home Orlando/Toronto, RSL/Vancouver
6. Eastern Conference Champion prediction
7. Western Conference Champion prediction
8. MLS Champion prediction
9. Pick a MLS award (MVP, ROY, GOY, etc) and predict it’s winner
10. Which team do you hate to root for, but just can’t help to

April 12, 2020

Brian, Mark and Chris are joined by old friend Dean Southby from Manchester, England, to discuss what’s happened since 2017.

Play along using #GoRailhawks

1. Since 2017, Toronto beat Seattle (2017), Atlanta beat Portland (2018), and Seattle beat Toronto (2019), which one was most impressive?
2. Which one was most surprising?
3. Since out last show we’ve seen Zlatan, Vela, Rooney and Josef Martinez. Which DP signing has been the biggest splash?
4. Which signing was the biggest impact player?
5. Who is the next big signing and for which team?
6. Since 2017, Cincinnati, Atlanta, Miami and Nashville has begun play with Austin, Charlotte, Sacramento and St. Louis still to come. How will play and the talent pool be effected?
7. When MLS returns I can’t wait to see __________
8. Since our last show, panel update us on what has happened to you?

2017 Wrap-Up

Brian, Mark, Chris and Hank wrap up 2017.

You can play along using #powpowpow

1. Who won the US Open Cup?
2. Who won MLS Cup and were you surprised?
3. Give me your early 2018 MLS Cup winner prediction.
4. What is your 2017 story of the year?
5. MLS expansion is coming. Nashville in is, is that a god thing or a bad thing? Who is the next team?
6. Which teams need to have a successful offseason the most?
7. What’s your OMG signing for this offseason?
8. What week of next season does mark go full LAFC?

October 1, 2017

Brian, Mark and Chris are joined by “Old Man” Jeff Krause for a roundtable discussion of the LA Live show, Chicago playing over their heads and the usual tangents.

Play along using #ThatsSoMLS

August 13, 2017

Brian, Mark, Hank and Jake are back to discuss the transfer window, VAR and social media. Join us using #scarfingthestatue

1. The transfer window has come and gone with DC United the clear winner. Please rate your team’s transfer efforts.

2. New England added another attacker in Krizstian Nemeth from KC, and Sigi says LA needs a center forward, Mark, is there another Dos Santos?

3. VAR has arrived and so far the results are not so good. Dallas has had 2 goals disallowed, LA one and Kaka got a red card for goofing around with his friend AurĂ©lien Collin late in last night’s game against NYRB. How long until Mike Petke loses his mind over VAR?

4. Don’t look now, but Seattle is heating up. Clint Dempsey scored his 50th goal for the club and the Sounders are tied for first in the West. Which team is poised to surprise like Seattle?

5. I love the way my team ______.

6. I hate the way my team ______.

7. My team needs to ________ to make the playoffs.

8. Social media is one way to attract new fans, even fans of other sports. Give me some good ideas how to engage fans from other sports.