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July 30, 2017

Brian, Mark and Jake welcome Kenny Price from the 19th Minute Podcast.

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1. The USMNT won the Gold Cup. Who from this squad goes to Russia?

2. Mike Petke brought the goods 2 weeks ago with an epic postgame rant. Before the printer broke, what other pictures would he have had for Trey to pass out?

3. Dom Dwyer was traded to Orlando City for essentially a huge Allocation amount. Good or bad for MLS?

4. Another Do Santos is in LA. Good or bad for MLS?

5. Staying in LA: Onalfo is out, Sigi is in and Bob Bradley gets to build LAFC. What are your thoughts?

6. there were four 4-0 results this week, which result was most surprising?

7. MLS All-Star game predictions and thoughts.

July 9, 2017

Brian, Hank, and Jake are back discussing RSL wins and New England woes. For some reason, Mark got muted when the episode saved. So you can fill in the blanks with your own Onawful rants!

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1. We ended last week’s show with hopes Real Salt Lake would pull off an upset in LA, AND THEY DID. What does their 6-2 win do for this RSL team in flux?
2. New England loses at the death to New York Red Bulls, what does this do to a NE team in flux?
3. The transfer window brings many rumors. Chicago is rumored to be in the running for Polish international Jakub “Kuba” Blaszczykowski and Columbian international Juan Quintero. How does Chicago pull off one, or both, moves?
4. LAFC are in talks with Wesley Schnieder and Keisuke Honda, but Chicharito’s salary demands are too high. Mark, when do you switch allegiances?
5. Portland fired their head athletic trainer amidst a 5 game winless streak. Who else can Caleb Porter blame before he gets fired?
6. Hank, when can we expect the next set of Rev’s stadium drawings?
7. The Starting 11 for the MLS All-Star Game vs Real Madrid has been announced. Which pick(s) do you disagree with and who should be added as a sub?

July 4, 2017

Brian and Chris are joined by an irate Mark after LA’s loss to San Jose in the SuperClassico. Heads up, there is salty language on this one.

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1. Which if these will win MLS Golden Boot: Nikolic, Torres, Villa or other?
2. After a quiet showing vs FC Dallas this week, Jozy Altidore has 7 goals and 7 yellow cards. Which does he have more of at the end of the season?
3. Gush about FC Cincinnati
4.What will your team do in the upcoming transfer window?
5. Which if these bubble teams will not make the playoffs: ATL, CLB, NYR in the East, and SEA, VAN, or LA in the West?
6. Mark, how Super was the Classico?

June 25, 2017

Chris, Jake and Brian are joined by Robert Jonas and he has BREAKING NEWS!

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1. BREAKING: San Jose has fired Dom Kinnear. Are you surprised and who is next?
2. MYCFC beats Red Bull 2-0, are they a juggernaut?
3. Chicago wins again. Is the word “unstoppable” fair to use here?
4. FC Dallas and Houston played to a 1-1 draw. The big news for Dallas is the return of Mauro Diaz to the starting lineup, but their offensive woes continues. How do they fix it?
5. Is the East better than the West?
6. Mark asks from Hawaii “Jake, did you see the Toronto game? LOLOLOLOLOLOLOLOLOLOLOLOLOLOL…..Aloha.”
7. Jake asks, “Mark, does the Galaxy have goalkeeper help on the way?”
8. The roster for the Gold Cup is out and 16 MLS players are on it. Start panicking now. Give me your predictions for results and who takes the brunt of the criticism.

June 11, 2017 (yes, really)

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1. Pick your team’s highlight since out last show in July of 2014.
2. Pick your team’s best move since 7/14.
3. Your team’s worst move since 7/14.
4. Orlando City and Minnesota got promoted to MLS, and Atlanta has formed and com on strong. When will we ever see Miami?
5. Chicago signed German national star Bastian Schweinsteiger. Is he a top 5 all time foreign MLS signing?
6. Didier Drogba is a player/owner for Phoenix Rising, will they be successful in their MLS expansion bid?
7. What does Bruce Arena need to do to turn the LA Galaxy around?
8. Tommy McNamara got a USMNT callus. With Arena’s focus on MLS players, who is waiting in the wings next?
9. Predict the outcome of tonight’s USMNT vs Mexico game? Does the US qualify for the World Cup?
10. MLS MVP and Champion predictions.

July 1, 2014

This week we poke the bear and talk US Open Cup with Mark. Evan Ream and Jake Catanese are along for the ride.

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1. With the US out of the World Cup, sell new soccer fans on MLS in 10 words or less.
2. MLS attendance with raise after the World Cup, true or false?
3. Kaka has officially joined Orlando FC, will his stay be Fantasyland, Tomorrowland or Harry Potterland?
4. David Villa signed with NYCFC and was given a t-shirt since jersey aren’t yet available. When Frank Lampard signs, what will they give him?
5. Tim Cahill played in Friday’s 2-2 draw with Toronto FC after being eliminated from the World Cup. He deserves a few kind words.
6. In the Open Cup, Carolina upset the Galaxy and Eric Wynalda’s Atlanta squad amassed 4 red cards and incited an all-out brawl. Promote Atlanta to MLS, relegate a team, and tell me who the first team is that Atlanta starts a “Slapshot” style melee with.
7. Name other cups Bruce Arena cares about more than the US Open Cup.
8. MLS returned and CHIVAS BEAT RSL! Is this cats and dogs living together or a blind squirrel finding a nut?
9. Peter Vermes remarked that SKC was ‘in the mix” for Jermaine Jones, which naturally, turned into Mix Diskerud. Crank up the rumor mill up into high gear and give me your USMNT’ers to MLS rumors.
10. A article said it was time to push the panic button in New York. Where else should they press the panic button?

June 8, 2014

Brian, Chris and Hank are joined by Jake Catanese and Evan Ream

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1. A article called FC Dallas Head Coach Oscar Parjea Colorado’s Voldemort. Before Chris puffs out his transparent chest, what MLS players deserve Harry potter characters comparisons?
2. Red Bull NY won in New England for the first time since they were the NY/NJ MetroStars. No question here. I got Chris so it’s Hank’s turn.
3. During the World Cup, I will be rooting secretly for ____.
4. What was your favorite quote form the WSJ article?
5. Jürgen Klinsmann said the USMNT won’t win the World Cup. Compare that statement to other obvious statements like “Erik Wynalda is bad at ____, etc.”
6. The most surprising USMNT game will be ____.
7. The surprise USMNT call up of 2018 will be ____.
8. MLS has a month off. In other professional sporting leagues there are arrests and shootings in their downtime. What will be the MLS headline form the World Cup break?

May 24, 2014 with Jared DuBois

Brian, Mark and Chris are joined by Jared DuBois from Best Soccer Show and The Corner of the Galaxy Podcast.

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1. Last week Mark called Landon Donovan getting cut from the USMNT. Can we do it again this week? Somebody make a bold prediction.
2. Donovan’s 2 goals yesterday were his first of the year. How many does he finish with?
3. Jermain Dafoe scores ____ goals during the World Cup break.
4. Hey, remember the public outcry when Carlos Bocanegra got cut?
5. Jose Gonçalves shut down Eddie Johnson this week. How impressive is that feat?
6. DC United is finally getting a new stadium. Give me your wish list for features you would like to see in it.
7. Mike Petke or John Hackworth fired first?
8. Before the show, Jarod revealed he has never seen the movie “Spinal Tap”, give him a reason or two to see it.
9. Colorado Rapids: wow or wait?
10. Clint Dempsey has commercial endorsement deals for Modelo, Oberto Beef Jerky, and Degree Antiperspirant, which sounds like the result of a bad night of drinking. Give me a USMNT player and their endorsements.

May 18, 2014 with Jeff Krause

Brian, Mark and Chris are joined once again by Jeff Krause from the Fire Confidential Podcast

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1. Over the last 3 weeks, New England has scored 12 goals (5 in the last 2 games) and is undefeated in it’s last 5. With no Hank this week, let’s say something nice about the Revs.
2. True or False: Vancouver is responsible for New England’s current success?
3. With the 1st allocation spot, Toronto FC should _______.
4. Toronto FC and LA both have 3 games in hand; watch out or so what?
5. Find Mark a new “sh!t the bed” phrase as he has worn out the original.
6. Colorado finally has a shirt sponsor and it’s not Chipotle. 🙁
7. SweetTarts or Spree?
8. MLS is hinting they will expand into Las Vegas. Give me their team name and shirt sponsor.
9. True or False: Dafoe and Martins being left of their International squad rosters is bad new for MLS?
10. Which USMNT player gets left off the World Cup squad and comes back to make MLS pay?

April 27, 2014 with Jason Longshore

Brian, Mark and Chris have Jason Longshore on this week. Jason is Chief Development Officer of Soccer in the Streets and we encourage you all to check that organization out and help how you can. Check out their annual Black Tie Soccer Game.

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1. Set pieces or run of play?
2. True or False: As Brad Davis goes, so goes the Houston Dynamo
3. Caleb Porter, Frank Yallop and Frank Kloppas walk into a bar, which one survives the World Cup break?
4. Dominic Oduro has a pizza inspired haircut. Give me another MLS player and his object in spired haircut.
5. Bradley Wright-Phillips will score ____ goals.
6. DC and New England have 11 points, Toronto FC has 9 and LA has 8. Who makes the playoffs?
7. The Atlanta Silverbacks will ______ in 2017?
8. Your thoughts on Eric Young as TNA Champion
9. The World Cup will hurt _____, and help _____
10. Chicharito will be Miami’s DP: true, false, or Chicha please?