June 25, 2017

Chris, Jake and Brian are joined by Robert Jonas and he has BREAKING NEWS!

Play along using #PaulMariner

1. BREAKING: San Jose has fired Dom Kinnear. Are you surprised and who is next?
2. MYCFC beats Red Bull 2-0, are they a juggernaut?
3. Chicago wins again. Is the word “unstoppable” fair to use here?
4. FC Dallas and Houston played to a 1-1 draw. The big news for Dallas is the return of Mauro Diaz to the starting lineup, but their offensive woes continues. How do they fix it?
5. Is the East better than the West?
6. Mark asks from Hawaii “Jake, did you see the Toronto game? LOLOLOLOLOLOLOLOLOLOLOLOLOLOL…..Aloha.”
7. Jake asks, “Mark, does the Galaxy have goalkeeper help on the way?”
8. The roster for the Gold Cup is out and 16 MLS players are on it. Start panicking now. Give me your predictions for results and who takes the brunt of the criticism.