March 30, 2014 with Jeff Ballard

Brian, Hank and Chris are joined by Jeff Ballard

Play along this week using #tyler

1. The replacement refs were better, true or false?
2. Through 4 weeks, which team has been the most impressive: Columbus, FC Dallas, Real Salt Lake or Vancouver?
3. RSL is still playing well without Jason Kreis, this is amazing or an anomaly?
4. Who makes the playoffs now, NY or Chivas?
5. I will be surprised if _____ continues playing at their current good/bad form
6. Who hits the panic button first, DC, Portland, Chicago or San Jose?
7. How munch longer does Ben Olson have?
8. The best kind of cheese is ______?
9. Marco DiVaio returned and got Montreal their first point, is he all they have?
10. Best rivalry in MLS?