June 11, 2017 (yes, really)

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1. Pick your team’s highlight since out last show in July of 2014.
2. Pick your team’s best move since 7/14.
3. Your team’s worst move since 7/14.
4. Orlando City and Minnesota got promoted to MLS, and Atlanta has formed and com on strong. When will we ever see Miami?
5. Chicago signed German national star Bastian Schweinsteiger. Is he a top 5 all time foreign MLS signing?
6. Didier Drogba is a player/owner for Phoenix Rising, will they be successful in their MLS expansion bid?
7. What does Bruce Arena need to do to turn the LA Galaxy around?
8. Tommy McNamara got a USMNT callus. With Arena’s focus on MLS players, who is waiting in the wings next?
9. Predict the outcome of tonight’s USMNT vs Mexico game? Does the US qualify for the World Cup?
10. MLS MVP and Champion predictions.