March 16, 2014 with Jeff Krause

Joining Brian, Mark, and Chris this week is Jeff Krause from the Fire Confidential Podcast

This week’s hashtag is #grantwahl

1. Biggest surprise of MLS so far?
2. TFC vs SEA: statement game or not?
3. Clint Dempsey had a goal and a cup check this week; is he frustrated, petulant or enigmatic?
4. Is there a bigger whiner in MLS than Will Johnson, Chris Wondolowski or Robbie Keane?
5. Does Jozy Altidore come back to MLS?
6. Puma, Adidas or Nike?
7. Grant Wahl picked New England to win MLS Cup, is he crazy like a fox or crazy like an actual crazy person?
8. Does a MLS team win the Champion’s League this year?
9. Nicolas Anelka has been cut by West Brom, which MLS team signs him?
10. Name the MLS player that has the biggest impact in the World Cup this summer.