June 8, 2014

Brian, Chris and Hank are joined by Jake Catanese and Evan Ream

Play along using #UofPHX

1. A MLSsoccer.com article called FC Dallas Head Coach Oscar Parjea Colorado’s Voldemort. Before Chris puffs out his transparent chest, what MLS players deserve Harry potter characters comparisons?
2. Red Bull NY won in New England for the first time since they were the NY/NJ MetroStars. No question here. I got Chris so it’s Hank’s turn.
3. During the World Cup, I will be rooting secretly for ____.
4. What was your favorite quote form the WSJ article?
5. J├╝rgen Klinsmann said the USMNT won’t win the World Cup. Compare that statement to other obvious statements like “Erik Wynalda is bad at ____, etc.”
6. The most surprising USMNT game will be ____.
7. The surprise USMNT call up of 2018 will be ____.
8. MLS has a month off. In other professional sporting leagues there are arrests and shootings in their downtime. What will be the MLS headline form the World Cup break?