April 13, 2014 with Stephen Brandt

Brian and Mark are joined by Stephen Brandt from the Yellow Carded Podcast

Play along this week using #Dsnuts

1. Portland tied Chivas this week, is it worse than a loss for Portland?
2. RBNY is winless. What French word describes their play?
3, Atlanta is in MLS, will they thrive or join the Walking Dead?
4. St. Louis, San Antonio or Minneapolis joins next?
5. Clint Dempsey has 5 goals in 2 games, after a 2 game suspension. He is in form or peaking too early?
6. The USMNT player I hate the most in MLS is _____.
7. Brek Shea back to MLS would be _____.
8. Favorite comic book movie?
9. Team themed concession items
10 MLS Commissioner Don Garber announced he is seeking treatment for prostate cancer, is this the first sign of transparency in MLS?

April 6, 2014

Brian, Hank and Chris are joined by Matt Ream from the Olympico podcast

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1. FC Dallas won a canon with their 4-1 win over Houston this week. Give me better rivalry prize ideas besides trophies.
2. WrestleMania 30 is tonight, will the Undertaker’s streak go to 22-0?
3. Montreal traded Andrew Wenger to Philly for Jack McInerney, which team won that deal?
4. True or False, Real Salt Lake and Sporting Kansas City played to a 0-0 tie because of all the people out for the USMNT game this week.
5. Who is the fastest guy in MLS? Our man Tyler says Jair Benitez from FC Dallas.
6. Who is the MVP so far?
7. Omar Gonzalez’s hair is a reverse Samson, discuss.
8. Clint Dempsey had a hat trick this week vs Portland, and claims it’s “just the beginning” for him in Seattle. How many goals does he combine with Obafemi Martins to score?
9. Montreal, DC, LA, or San Jose – who finishes at the bottom of the table?
10. Finish this sentence: With all the influx of talent, the MLS vs Bayern Munich score will be ______

March 30, 2014 with Jeff Ballard

Brian, Hank and Chris are joined by Jeff Ballard

Play along this week using #tyler

1. The replacement refs were better, true or false?
2. Through 4 weeks, which team has been the most impressive: Columbus, FC Dallas, Real Salt Lake or Vancouver?
3. RSL is still playing well without Jason Kreis, this is amazing or an anomaly?
4. Who makes the playoffs now, NY or Chivas?
5. I will be surprised if _____ continues playing at their current good/bad form
6. Who hits the panic button first, DC, Portland, Chicago or San Jose?
7. How munch longer does Ben Olson have?
8. The best kind of cheese is ______?
9. Marco DiVaio returned and got Montreal their first point, is he all they have?
10. Best rivalry in MLS?

March 23, 2014 with Mark Fishkin and ELAC

Joining Brian and Mark this week are Mark Fishkin from the “SeeingRedNY” podcast and ELAC from the “What the Flock?!” podcast.

Join the discussion this week using #12toes

1. LA Aztecs or LA Gunners?
2. Clint Dempsey was suspended 2 games: good call, bad call or HOW DARE MLS?
3. MLS is out of the Champion’s League, yeah or meh?
4. If MLS had an “Easy button”, a la Staples, what’s the one thing you would change about MLS?
5. Name your intro song
6. NY now has a red team and a blue team, just like Manchester. Using that, Henry equates to ___in Manchester lore?
7. Inter MF Cambiasso is rumored to move to MLS: which teams signs him, which team needs him?
8. Seattle supporter’s “Away Robbery”, noble cause or simply whining?
9. Chivas USA wins ___ games this year, makes playoffs?
10. RBNY wins ___ games this year, makes playoffs?

March 16, 2014 with Jeff Krause

Joining Brian, Mark, and Chris this week is Jeff Krause from the Fire Confidential Podcast

This week’s hashtag is #grantwahl

1. Biggest surprise of MLS so far?
2. TFC vs SEA: statement game or not?
3. Clint Dempsey had a goal and a cup check this week; is he frustrated, petulant or enigmatic?
4. Is there a bigger whiner in MLS than Will Johnson, Chris Wondolowski or Robbie Keane?
5. Does Jozy Altidore come back to MLS?
6. Puma, Adidas or Nike?
7. Grant Wahl picked New England to win MLS Cup, is he crazy like a fox or crazy like an actual crazy person?
8. Does a MLS team win the Champion’s League this year?
9. Nicolas Anelka has been cut by West Brom, which MLS team signs him?
10. Name the MLS player that has the biggest impact in the World Cup this summer.

March 9, 2014 with Zach Woosley

This week’s questions:

1. Best off-season?
2. Worst signing?
3. Judo or Karate?
4. Golden Boot winner?
5. Mike Magee was benched this week, is Armageddon upon us?
6. Who score more goals, Clint Dempsey or Eddie Johnson?
7. What’s the over/under on Mark’s “The Galaxy sh%t the bed!” tweets this season?
8. Toronto FC, playoff team?
9. First firing?
10. Of the new kits, best and worst?

Tweet us your answers to @topofthetabletv using #markstoolbar and we’ll share the results next week.

April 1, 2013 Show

Brian, Mark and Hank are joined by ELAC from the “What the Flock Podcast”(iTunes link) to discuss Chivas USA’s surprising start and his thoughts on the club.

There are early “Game of Thrones” and “Yo Gabba Gabba” references, Hank and ELAC pitch their teams in a “Battle for MLS Irrelevancy”, Hank gives us his take on the Revs/FC Dallas game (as Brian gloats), Mark talks Galaxy, and we have USMNT/Mexico chat, Brian Strauss thoughts, and our weekly Fantasy segment.

We end every show with “Good and Bad” and this week, Mark mentioned this situation with the bad:

Daniel Hernandez sues FC Dallas (From our partner 3rddegree.net)

So, it seems FC Dallas sued Daniel Hernandez first (again, 3rddegree.net)